Current Students 
  • Ph.D Students
    • Muhammad Idress; CASE, Islamabad (Resource mapping in telemedicin system)
    • Aisha Khan; PUCIT, Lahore (Performance-aware data confidentiality in operational Electronic Health Recording Systems)
    • Imran Shafi; PUCIT, Lahore (Topic to be finalised!)
    • Muhammad Abdullah; PUCIT, Lahore (Topic to be finalised!)
  • M.S Students
    • Mehwish Ghaffoor; PUCIT, Lahore (Automatic mining of e-commerce data
    • Sahrish Yousaf; PUCIT, Lahore (Hybrid multi stores for big data applications
    • Rubina Yaqoob; PUCIT, Lahore (Efficient news recommendation system)
    • Umer Ayub; PUCIT, Lahore (Large scale image processing using big data pipeline)
    • Zain Aftab; PUCIT, Lahore (Topic to be finalised!)
    • Mahnoor Ismail; PUCIT, Lahore (Topic to be finalised!)
    • Hassan Raza; PUCIT, Lahore (Topic to be finalised!)
    • Bilal Iqbal; PUCIT, Lahore (Topic to be finalised!) 
    • Iqra Ijaz; PUCIT, Lahore (Topic to be finalised!)
  • Senior Project Students

    • M.S Students
        • Huzaima; PUCIT, Lahore (MapReduce workload categorization)
        • Waqar Ilyas Malick; PUCIT, Lahore, August 2016
          Efficient Index Minimization For Big Data
        • Hassan Nazeer; PUCIT, Lahore, August 2015 
          Large scale data processing over the cloud
        • Taimoor Chaingaz; PUCIT, Lahore July 2016
          A Simulation Framework for Learning Dynamic Resource Provisioning Policies for Multi-tier Applications using Reinforcement Learning Approach
        • Muhammad Abdullah; PUCIT, Lahore, March 2016 
          Auto-scaling Multi-tier Web Applications using Virtual Machines and Containers
        • Ali Mohammad Ali-Alaith; PUCIT, Lahore, March 2016
          Arabic news aggregation and summarization
          • Samia Khaliq; PUCIT, Lahore, March 2016
            Towards Urdu News Analytics
          • Aliza Qasim; PUCIT, Lahore, March 2016
            Automatic Tokenization and Classification of Urdu News Based on Headlines
          • Abid Nisar; PUCIT, Lahore, December 2015 
            Hybrid Auto-scaling of Multi-tier Application on the Cloud 
          • Waqar Haider; PUCIT, Lahore, December 2015
            Design and Development of a Scalable Telemedicine Web Service
          • Bushra Anum; PUCIT, Lahore, November 2015
            Abstract-based Automatic Classification of Research Papers
          • Faisal Shahzad; CASE, Islamabad, February 2015  
            Cost and Performance Evaluation of Data Confidentiality in High Throughput/Cloud-based Multi-tier Applications
          • Maria Hilal; CASE, Islamabad, January 2015
            Location Specific Weather Translation and Agricultural Advisory Recommendation System Using Machine Learning Techniques
        • Senior Project Students
          • Waleed, Amir, Bilal, Shoaib (Big Data Search-as-a-Service), June 2016
          • Irfan, Husnain, Nabeel, Usama (Realtime Big Data Stream Analytics), June 2016
          • Faisal, Raveen, Faraz, Kiran, Farwa (Building E-commerce Search Engine), June 2016
          • Asad, Arshi, Javeria (Realtime Big Data Analtyics Platform), June 2016
          • Faqir, Umair, Zartashiya, Saleem, Hafsa; (Online e-commerce stores aggregation), June 2016
          • Zishan, Waqar (Mobile app for, June 2016