Cloud Computing and Big Data (Spring 2020)


Project Deliverables

Presentation Schedule


Research Papers

Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems:

  1. SPORC: Group Collaboration using Untrusted Cloud Resources (OSDI 2010)

  2. Finding a Needle in Haystack: Facebook's Photo Storage (OSDI, 2010)

  3. Making Geo-Replicated Systems Fast as Possible, Consistent when Necessary (OSDI 2012)

  4. SILT: A Memory-Efficient, High-Performance Key-Value Store (SOSP 2011)

  5. CryptDB: Protecting Confidentiality with Encrypted Query Processing (SOSP 2011)

  6. Hails: Protecting Data Privacy in Untrusted Web Applications (OSDI 2012)

  7. Resilient Distributed Datasets: A fault-tolerant abstraction for in-memory cluster computing (NSDI 2012)

  8. DryadLINQ: A System for General-Purpose Distributed Data-Parallel Computing Using a High-Level Language (OSDI 2008)

  9. Scalable Progressive Analytics on Big Data in the Cloud (VLDB 2014)

  10. When the Network Crumbles: An Empirical Study of Cloud Network Failures and their Impact on Services (SoCC 13)

  11. Scale-up vs Scale-out for Hadoop: Time to rethink? (SoCC 13)

  12. An analysis of Facebook photo caching (SOSP 2013)

  13. Diglossia: Detecting Code Injection Attacks with Precision and Efficiency (ACM CCS2013)

  14. Tolerating Business Failures in Hosted Applications (SoCC 2013)

  15. Consistency-based service level agreements for cloud storage (SOSP 2013)

  16. Speedy transactions in multicore in-memory databases (SOSP 2013)

  17. Virtual Network Diagnosis as a Service (SoCC 2013)

  18. Spanner: Google’s Globally-Distributed Database (OSDI 2012)

  19. Cloud-enabled wireless body area networks for pervasive healthcare


  1. BCube: A High Performance, Server-centric Network Architecture for Modular Data Centers

  2. Deadline-Aware Datacenter TCP (D2TCP)

  3. A survey on TCP Incast in data center network

  4. Data Center TCP (DCTCP)

  5. On Mitigating TCP Incast in Data Center Networks

  6. Improving Datacenter Performance and Robustness with Multipath TCP

  7. PortLand: A Scalable Fault-Tolerant Layer 2 Data Center Network Fabric

  8. VL2: A Scalable and Flexible Data Center Network